Case Study for E-Commerce Management Programs (SEO)

The SEO Strategy We Used Led to a 180% Increase in Organic Traffic Within a 90-Day Span


Alpha Marketing Group was hired by an e-commerce program company to boost organic traffic to their website and enhance content marketing exposure. We opted to use an SEO strategy powered by AI. The strategy was comprised of competitive analysis, powerful AI tools, and keyword research driven by data. Another challenge to face was the absence of strategies for content distribution. Long story short, this company wasn’t making any connection with its target market, leading to high bounce rates and unqualified traffic.


We began developing a keyword strategy based on a few buyer personas, all of which had a map for buyer’s journeys  that factored in online emotion and behavior. Our intelligent SEO strategy was deployed using predictive analysis, algorithms, and artificial intelligence. Last but not least, our efforts were intensified with powerful on-page optimization, targeted distribution of content, and relevant link building.


There was a 180% jump in organic search engine traffic within a 90-day span thanks to Alpha Marketing Groups’ endeavors. We used an SEO strategy powered by AI to expedite web traffic, enhance blog exposure, and raise SERP placement for more than 100 different keywords. The strategy led to stronger rankings for competitive keywords, enhanced brand exposure, and double the amount of leads.

SEO Marketing Performance

Organic Traffic Increase
More Leads Generated
New keywords ranking

This is how much our client’s SEO grew in 3 months with our Ai powered SEO Strategy.

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