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The scientific formula our company has developed unveils the strength of predictive analysis with digital tactics driven by data.
Using math as an approach to quantify (and enhance) an ROI is a key aspect of the SiO (Smart inbound Optimization) formula.

Math Marketing Methodology

Our process starts with big data acquisition and leads to accurate modeling. Using math marketing to understand what happened and what is likely to happen allows us to deploy better performing lead generation campaigns and forecast ROI with uncanny accuracy.

What Happened

Report any significant changes in your data before trying to understand the reason you are not reaching your business goals.

Why It Happened

SiO Digital uses both machine and hypothesis-based data mining to detect all events that may be related to what happened. From that data, we can draw patterns and correlate what and why.

What Is Happening Now

Real-time data dashboards allow us to monitor to the minute, along with a specific timeframe. Math marketing only trusts data to validate decisions and corrective lead acquisition strategies.

What Might Happen

Marketing intelligence goes beyond collecting data. Every piece of information is useless unless integrated into predictive models that help understand and simulate if/then. This is particularly valuable when devising an inbound marketing strategy to increase lead conversion rate.

What Will Happen

Model scenarios help develop a strategy to reduce risks and create a plan of action to resolve issues as soon as possible. We repeat the process for all problems, focusing especially on those that would have a big impact on your business growth.

Using Mathematics and Logic for Intelligence Marketing

Intelligence Marketing through Logic and Mathematics


Exploiting analytics of big data lets us develop smarter tools. Instant adjustment and real-time assessments are leveraged by math marketing to acquire and maintain competitive advantages.


Programs for inbound marketing will be implemented once your competition has been meticulously studied: SEO and website data, competitive intelligence, process analysis, behavior on social media, and paid ad performance will be evaluated.


AI can generate actionable insights to enhance lead-nurturing workflows, inbound sales systems, and B2B content marketing. It can also isolate opportunities for customer acquisitions – in short, SiO is a breakthrough for lead conversions.


Social intelligence and analytics of big data play a role in building smart personas for buyers. This is done by following a marketing strategy with machine learning based on the experiences of customers. The more data that is collected, the more accurate and refined the profiles of your ideal customers will be.


Statistics produce sales forecasts. Our inbound marketing firm optimizes sales funnels and improves sales performances by minimizing risk, resulting in higher conversion rates (turning leads into customers).


Using lead generation techniques driven by data, we can help you fulfill prospect needs in every stage of a buyer’s journey. Sales revenue will be increased, and leads that are more qualified will be acquired.


We assess behavioral data, website actions, demographics, historical customer buying behavior, and web traffic data. With Mathematic Marketing Intelligence, we not only predict CLV (Customer Lifetime Value), we increase it.


We gather, isolate, and segment customer data as per qualification behavior and criteria. This helps us plan both long and short-term strategies for lead acquisition.


Database marketing, mathematics, advanced analytical tools, audience segmentation, and data mining can help predict a more pinpointed marketing ROI.

Science Meets Marketing

Why Should a Marketing Firm be Hired?

Marketing Intelligence

Our inbound mathematics marketing firm concentrates on marketing intelligence and data mining. This is done to create accurate forecasts for growth and deliver results from sales.

Tools powered by AI give us a better understanding of your business market and environment. It frees up time for brainstorming, allowing you to come up with approaches to enhance the bottom line of your B2B clients.

Our digital marketing firm has a passion for numbers!

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