Smart Marketing

Evaluate. Predict. Perfect. Engage.

How Can AI Benefit Your Company?

Enhanced ROI

Precise Forecasting

Additional Opportunities for Growth

Smarter Decisions

Optimized Budget Allocations

More Team Productivity

Advanced Online Processes

Comprehensive Business Insights

The Strength of Creativity is Aligned with the Advantages of Science

Evaluating an ongoing stream of data about the market and leveraging it to improve business performance are tasks equipped for superhuman minds. By integrating deep learning and machine learning with your company, your staff will be more efficient.

Tracking Your Competitors


Keeping track of the activities made by your competitors can give you a leg up over them, especially if real-time tracking is utilized. Finding out the moves made by people in your industry and interpreting them gives you the competitive intelligence you need to remain at the top.


  • Website Modifications
  • Group Expansion
  • Press Releases and News Sites
  • Attendance of Events
  • Reviews in the Industry
  • Shop Availabilities
  • Campaigns

Instead of reacting to pattern shifts, you can start predicting them. When you integrate predictive analysis with AI, you can determine the following:

  • Find out what happened.
  • Analyze why it did.
  • Track what is currently happening.
  • Predict what could happen.
  • Simulate potential happenings.

You can use AI-powered predictive tools to contrast data from multiple environments against each other simultaneously. Ultimately, you’ll find out what you could be doing better.

Marketing Strategies Driven By AI

Growth Through Marketing Evolution

We have analyzed the industries that AI will have the biggest marketing effect on. We are forerunners of the methodology known as iNBOUND iNTELLIGENCE™. We integrate deep learning and machine learning software with the digital marketing stacks of our clients.

SEO Powered by AI


Odds are you want to enhance organic traffic. Perhaps you developed SEO campaigns using keywords that climb high on SERPs, but at a snail’s pace.

The intelligent SEO services provided by Alpha Marketing Group digs deep into keyword clusters relevant to your commercial offering. The AI-operated SEO platform lets us develop a productive process that helps you rank high.

  • Figure out why and how keywords are ranking where they are.
  • Discover new keywords to rank for.
  • Determine the alterations necessary to increase visibility.
  • Suggest action plans influenced by SERP (search engine result pages) data.

Smart Content Marketing


Customize Content to Stimulate More Leads
Though content marketing is necessary to generate inbound leads, it can be quite difficult to master. Many companies have trouble publishing content at relevant times, mostly because of an inability to understand their audience.

Optimization tools integrated with AI evaluate, break down, and process interactive data to determine what is effective and what isn’t. Easily digestible reports and simple-to-implement suggestions are prepared.


  • Produce better content.
  • Develop content quicker.
  • Create additional content.
  • Effectively distribute more content.
  • Enhance conversion opportunities.

Generation and Conversion of Website Leads


Create Revenue by Converting Traffic

When it comes to the generation and conversions, your greatest asset is your website. Everything from value proposition, form layout, design element, CTA, and copy pieces plays a role in a user’s experience. With user behavior data obtained by AI, SiO helps companies develop websites that generate qualified leads and navigates them through a “buyer’s journey.”

User behavior data helps you:

  • Understand prospect behavior.
  • Predict potential steps they could take.
  • Insert conversion elements where they’ll make the most effect.

Enhance conversion rates on a regular basis with historical data

Intelligent Segmentation

Provide Your Campaigns with Context

Customer success, onboarding, support, sales, and marketing are all departments that heavily rely on automation. If automatic messages or tasks are to be targeted, relevant, and timely, emphasis must be placed on accurate segmentation.
To efficiently categorize your market (clients, partners, leads, etc.), behavioral segmentation is a worthwhile approach. Establishing as much criteria as possible, you can craft effective communication copy and articulate your message at a suitable period.
Marketing automation can benefit from smart segmentation. It can make hours of time spent cross-referencing contacts worthwhile.

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